Training, Risk Assessments and Planning

Training, Risk Assessments & Planning

Dynamic Threats: Dynamic Guidance

Infectious disease has always been a known risk, however Covid-19 is a new virus and as such the science is still emerging. Since the start of the pandemic, guidance and best practise has been changing constantly and has not necessarily been harmonised across the UK, let alone the world. This lack of cohesion and clarity caused some anxiety for our staff and clients so our Planning and Operations manager, Phil undertook countless hours reading through Government documents and taking part in every available training session to learn about CV-19, transmission routes and Infection Prevention and Control.

Infection Prevention and Control Planning

This research and preparation brought to us the realisation that staff on the ground wouldn’t necessarily have the training required to operate Covid Secure events. What had begun as our internal preparations for protecting our staff became an opportunity for us to help our clients become Covid Secure and ready to reopen. In partnership with Hybred Consultancy, we have now produced Covid Secure Training and Covid Secure Risk Assessments for static venues, temporary sites and outdoor events including light shows, private festivals and public ceremonies.

This training was adapted to be delivered externally to Local Authorities and businesses and was then independently accredited by the CPD Continuing Professional.

Infection Prevention and Control – Training and Risk Assessments

We have delivered Covid Secure training for City-wide hospitality businesses, cultural and retail sectors (including Brighton & Hove City Council and Tees Valley Combined Authority) and specific event training for client teams including Leonardslee Illuminated and Enchanted Leonardslee, Brighton Festival and Brighton Fringe Festival.

We have provided Covid-19 Training and Risk Assessments to:

  • Brighton Fringe Festival – events
  • Club Revenge – hospitality
  • Luna Cinema – events
  • Backyard Cinema – hospitality
  • Brighton Open Air Theatre – events
  • Brighton Pride CIC – events
  • The Clock Tower Sanctuary – charity
  • Purely Pilates – wellbeing

We have delivered similar training to: 

  • Brighton & Hove City Council Covid Marshals 
  • Brighton Festival Production Managers/Staff/Performers 
  • Leonardslee Illuminated Production Staff 
  • Newbury Lantern Trial Production Staff 
  • Covid Management Plans / Risk Assessments: 
  • Remembrance Sunday – BHCC 
  • Corn Exchange Newbury 
  • Fringe City – Brighton Fringe 
  • Women Making History Exhibition – Artichoke 

Competence and Qualifications

In order to ensure our training inductions, risk assessments and planning consultations are prepared and delivered effectively, the authors have completed the following training. 

  • COVID-19 and work: Staying healthy and safe at work during the COVID-19 pandemic – World Health Organisation – Completed Feb 2021 
  • COVID-19 Infodemic management: risk communication and community engagement challenges – World Health Organisation – Completed Feb 2021 
  • Leadership and programme management in Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) – World Health Organisation – Completed Jan 2021 
  • Covid-19 Supervisor/ Compliance Officer  – advanced level – Screen Skills – Completed Oct 2020 
  • Covid-19 infection prevention and control guidance: standard infection prevention control precautions (SICPs) – all pathways – PHE/NHS – Completed Sept 2020 
  • Covid-19 (Level A) for the Film and Video Production Industry – Safe Sets International – Completed July 2020 
  • Standard Precautions: Environmental cleaning and disinfection – World Health Organization – Completed July 2020 
  • Infection prevention and control: DfE standard operating procedure – East Sussex Secondary Schools – Infection Prevention Solutions (IPS) – Completed June 2020 
  • Covid-19 Mass Gatherings Risk Assessment Training – World Health Organization – Completed June 2020 / Refresher Dec 2020 
  • Covid-19: Tackling the Novel Coronavirus – London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine / UK Public Health Rapid Support Team – Completed May 2020 
  • Standard Precautions: Hand Hygiene – World Health Organization – Completed April 2020 
  • eProtect Respiratory Infections – World Health Organization – Completed April 2020 
  • Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) for Novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) – World Health Organization – Completed April 2020 
  • An Introduction to Infection Prevention and Control – Virtual College – Completed March 2020