Audience and Crowd Management Planning

Audience and Crowd Management Planning

The purpose of an Audience and Crowd Management Plan is to enhance event safety and mitigate risk while improving the audience, management, and stakeholder experience.

We believe that safe and successful Audience and Crowd Management requires a holistic approach from planning through to delivery, therefore close liaison with all stakeholders is vital from the offset.

Audience Management is a multifaceted responsibility with areas of expertise including; crowd dynamics, behavioural science, transport planning, communication strategies, risk analysis, movement strategies and more.

Between our two decades of experience in the sector and our investment in academic research and scientific study into the management of crowds and audiences, we have become a leader in the field both nationally and internationally. Currently we are collaborating on the European wide research project CrowdDNA (EU H2020), as an external advisor.

While focusing our attention on prevalent, individual risks we are wary of mono-causal thinking and so our role is to strike an appropriate balance between the obvious and the obscure. At the same time as improving site safety and mitigating risk, our audience and crowd management measures support public health objectives and recommendations, including but not limited to our dynamic Covid & Public Health Training Packages & Risk Assessments.

Our general principles for good Audience & Crowd Management Planning are;

  1. To ensure responsible, safe planning remains at the heart of the venture
  2. To ensure every effort is made to enhance the safety and welfare of staff, teams, audiences, crowds and the public
  3. To plan with a risk-based approach while encouraging others to do the same
  4. To respect expert guidance, having verified source and version control
  5. To work with agencies and stakeholders in an open and transparent manner
  6. To ensure events remain Accessible, Inclusive and Sustainable