Equality & Diversity

Equality & Diversity

At Select, we celebrate and value diversity.

We encourage equality amongst our clients, employees and everybody we interact with. 

We’re committed to company policies which are inclusive and do not discriminate by way of accessibility, race, gender, age, faith, identity or experience.

We ensure that all our staff, clients, audiences and crowds feel welcomed, empowered, advanced, supported and valued by encouraging a culture of kindness and understanding.

We only support organisations that have an allied ethical approach and we are proud to be a Living Wage employer.

Our recruitment strategy includes the following considerations;

  • Use of inclusive language in job descriptions
  • Conduct blind resume reviews/ use diverse interview panels
  • Finding candidates from a variety of different sources
  • Moving away from the standard referral culture
  • Reaching out to employees who are part of underrepresented groups for referrals
  • Offering internships/ apprenticeships to underrepresented groups
  • Developing an employer brand that showcases our diversity

We also advise our clients to consider cultural awareness, highlighting the benefits to encourage investment in the process.

We ask clients to consider:

  • A ‘whole of event planning’ approach 
  • Learning about & respecting individual customs/ traditions amongst their team
  • Ensure attendees can see themselves represented in proposals & event communication
  • Use of language and images in all forms of communication and all marketing collateral
  • To seek out a diverse supplier base who can advise and who we can work with moving forward