Event Control Management Teams

Event Control Management Teams

Event Control is a flexible joint structure for all agencies to operate within.

The purpose of Event Control Management is to:

  1. Be a central hub, where information is shared between all agencies
  2. Be a central point of communication for radio holders
  3. Disseminate information to senior management as appropriate

The Event Control Management team:

  1. Ensures all agencies have the necessary resources to work effectively
  2. Manages and logs the Event Control radio channel
  3. Facilitates the flow of information between representatives 

Good Communications

Well facilitated, real-time communication is crucial to the delivery of safe, secure events.

Event Control is the central hub for all communications, responsible for facilitating and documenting decision making and incident reports while supporting safe working and planning. Information flow is required both up to senior teams and down to operational teams on the ground. Ideally, all key agencies should be represented by senior team members in Event Control. 

Safeguarding the liability and reputation of all agencies is a core function of Event Control, so relevant datasets are documented on a secure logging platform, which is accessible by permission only. During ‘normal’ operating procedure, the flow of information enables operational and tactical decision making and supports cooperation between teams. In the case of an incident, Event Control will support strategic and tactical decision making alongside communication of information both internally and externally, so establishing connections with public interfaces, press officers, spokespeople and social media admins is another key component of Event Control’s responsibilities